River Birch Seed


Betula nigra

Best adapted to cooler climates as it does poorly in high summer heat, especially root zone heat!
Prefers well-drained, slightly acid sandy loam soils
Full sun.
Avoid spring pruning to prevent bleeding.

When planting to the landscape, do NOT set the tree deeper than it was growing in the container or the upper roots will grow around the trunk at the base and kill it.

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Betula nigra

Medium-fast growing tree reaching 40-70 ft tall with a similar spread.  Rounded outline at maturity, trunk usually divided into several large arching branches. Light brown, sometimes reddish bark exfoliates into papery plates, exposing inner bark of gray-brown or cinnamon- to reddish-brown.
Sun to part shade.

Best adapted to moist, acid soils, but will survive dry soils.
Hardy to USDA Zone 3

Packet of 200 seeds

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