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Inventory quantities updated as often as possible and as items become available to ship.


Seeds, Sedums, Sedum plug flats, and certain other designated items ship year-around.  May be dormant when shipped in winter.

If you arrived at our website via a link promising coupons, free shipping, discounts, or free items, you have been “spoofed”.  We do NOT participate on ANY discount or coupon site.  We still welcome you to look around and shop our site, just be aware that any “promised” discount or free items is false!

We encourage pre-ordering of plug flats.  While we do grow some on “speculation”, popular varieties sell out fast.

Most in demand from 2019 (in no particular order):

  • Herniaria, Green Carpet (#1 selling ground cover in 2019)
  • Table Mountain Ice plant (delosperma)
  • Gold Nugget Yellow Ice plant (delosperma)
  • Irish Moss
  • Scotch Moss
  • Magic Carpet creeping Thyme
  • Mother of Thyme “Walk-on-Me” Creeping Thyme
  • Hidcote Superior Lavender
  • Vera Lavender
  • Black Scallop Ajuga
  • Mahogany Ajuga
  • Purple Dragon Lamium
  • Karl Foerster Grass
  • Little Bluestem grass- ‘Blue Paradise’
  • Elijah Blue & Boulder Blue Grass
  • Sedums:  Royal Pink, Dragon’s Blood, Summer Glory, Purple Carpet, John Creech, Czar’s Gold, Goldilocks, Autumn Fire


Back-orders:  Some items are available on “Back-order”.  This means that they are either in production and not ready yet, or that we are out and more will be grown to meet your needs.  Time varies according to season and plant type.  Please contact us for specific availability dates on back orders.

A novel “Featured Product”:  The Sow Perfect Seeder* Shown below as we are seeding Lavender into 288 cell flats with precision.  This easy-to-use tool accurately spaces even tiny seed. 


This novel, easy to use seeder has many more applications beyond use in a greenhouse.  For details, CLICK HERE*  (takes you to their Website)

*Disclaimer:  We are not affiliated with the producer or seller of the Seeder.  We do not profit in any way.  This link has been placed here as we think this is a very useful gardening tool that is not overly complicated or expensive.

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