Moonshine Designs Nursery is a Grower and shipper of trees, shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, groundcovers, and herbs. 

Look for the Proven Winners™ symbol for the best in garden and landscape performance.


This is our new Website and is currently under construction. It should be completed soon.  This new site will be more “mobile friendly” and easier to navigate along with an easier-to-use Shopping Cart.  If you find a problem, please email me at


Our “old” website is still up and running and can be found here.

Please order from this site.  The shopping cart on the old site is no longer functional.

Inventory quantities shown reflect what will be available mid to late March through early November.

2017 shipping season begins mid March.

Seeds, certain Sedums, and other designated items ship year-around.

Take advantage of our winter sale on potted Sedums!  It costs less to pack and ship dormant pots than when in full growth.  We are passing the savings on to you!  This sale ends in March, so act now!  If it is not time for you to plant now, just set the pots outdoors in a sheltered area until ready to plant.  Or, you can bring them out of dormancy on a bright windowsill, cold-frame, or greenhouse.