Plug and Liner Information

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NOTE:  You do not have to be a commercial grower to purchase plug flats.  Please read warranty regarding plugs before ordering:  Warranty

Minimum order:  1 flat, all the same variety.  We do not mix varieties within a flat.  Exceptions are pre-grown assortments such as Sedum Rock garden assortments.

Availability updated as often as possible.  Future bookings will be subtracted from totals as booked.

See individual pages of the variety for full description.

Contract growing available.

Most items available with 4 – 6 week lead (season dependent) if currently not available unless otherwise noted.

SHIPMENTS OF PLUGS SHIPPED USPS (US POSTAL SERVICE) ARE AT THE BUYER’S RISK  Please choose UPS!  The USPS will not insure perishables of any kind against damage or loss.

Consider transit time when selecting shipment method.  Plug flats shipped mid June thru early September are subject to heat stress.  We recommend no more than a 2-day transit period during this time.   Varieties of Sedum are more heat resistant and can tolerate up to four days.

Cold weather shipments:  Flats shipped during winter months are on a case-by-case basis, dependent on contents and destination.  As a rule, dormant perennials can ship Ground service.  Tender, active growing plugs must ship UPS Next Day.

See map below for normal transit times on shipments sent UPS Ground and adjust to your area accordingly.  We will contact you if we feel the method chosen presents a damage risk.


Tray cell counts and sizes

Individual cells may be round, square, hexagon, or star shape, depending on our supplier of empty flats.

128 count Cell Dimensions (U.S.):  Height/Depth: 1.125-2.00″;  Top: 1.19″

96 count Cell Dimensions (U.S.):  Height/Depth: 1.50″;  Top: 1.340″

84 count Cell Dimensions (U.S.):  Height/Depth: 1.25″;  Top: 1.35″

72 count Cell Dimensions (U.S.):  Height/Depth: 2.31″; Top: 1.465″

50 count Cell Dimensions (U.S.):  Height/Depth: 2.31″;  Top: 1.938″

50 pot tray; pot dimensions (U.S.):  2″ Square X 2⅛” deep

Plug flat footprint is 11″ x 22″ (U.S.)

Maximum number of flats per carton:  3

While we strive to make sure every cell has a plant, but things do happen, so plant counts are as follows:

128 count sold as 120

96 count sold as 90

84 count sold as 80

72 count sold as 70

50 count sold as 50

32 count sold as 32

18 count sold as 18

15* count sold as 15

8* count sold as 8

*Eight count and fifteen count quart liners are packed one flat per carton