All seeds are sent First Class postage paid in the USA.  We are not set up for international sales on plant and seed items. 

Plants and seeds are sent to USA address ONLY.

 Items are sent  by USPS First Class,  Priority Mail, or by UPS .  Shipping type can be chosen at checkout .  Please do not select USPS First Class for any type of live plant.  You must use USPS Priority Mail for plants if wanting delivery by the Postal Service.  UPS Shipments:  Please note that if selecting next day, second day, or three day select shipping, that it means time in transit, not that we can ship in that period!  If you require an immediate shipment, please contact us direct to see if it is possible. 

Summer shipments:  (Late June thru mid September)  If you are in an area outside of the Midwest, we suggest choosing either USPS Priority (2-3 day) or UPS 3-Day Select to minimize stress on the plants.  For plug shipments on varieties other than Sedums, this is required for summer shipments.

Shipping address:  Items are shipped to the address you provide when placing the order.  We are not responsible for any item shipped to the address provided if that address is incorrect.  Please make sure that the ship to address is CORRECT before placing the order!


Payment Options:

  • PayPal. Convenient if you have a Paypal account.
  • Amazon Pay.  Convenient if you have an established Amazon account.  This does NOT mean that items are supplied by, or shipped from Amazon.
  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted through the shopping cart using secure connection and encryption.

  • Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are also accepted direct by phone, mail, or fax.  Please do not email us your Credit card number!    We do not store credit card numbers!  You will have to supply the credit card number each time you order.  After order processing, credit card information is shredded and incinerated.  This is for your protection!

    For the fastest and easiest processing on phone, fax, and mail orders, please use the shopping cart as if you were going to purchase online.  This will give you the total with shipping and tax, if it applies.

     Information REQUIRED to process your card:

    • Name as it appears on the card

    • Billing address including Zip Code

    • Telephone Number including area code

    • Account number

    • Expiration date

    • CCV2 number on back of card  (This is the last three digits in the signature panel)

  • We  also accept orders by mail and accept cash (at your risk), personal checks, money orders, etc.  Payment MUST be in U.S. Funds!  If you are not sure of the proper amount, Email or phone us with your order and we will respond with a total and the address to send payment to. Using the shopping cart will also calculate the proper amount.

Will Calls (pick up at the nursery) is by appointment only.  We do not have a retail store open to the public!

Privacy and Security Policy

Any and all information you provide to us will be for the sole use of Moonshine Designs Nursery.  We will not sell, rent, trade, or otherwise offer your information, including email address, to any other party.  We hate Spam, too!!

Credit Card information: 

  • If using the shopping cart, we will never see your credit card or Paypal numbers.

  • Credit card information given to us by phone, fax, mail, or split emails  will be run through for processing.  Once a transaction is approved, that information goes through a shredder.  Contents of the shredder are incinerated.

  • We do not keep any credit card information on any computer or server or storage media.

  • When placing a new order, your credit card information will have to be supplied again.

Credit Card fraud Prevention:

  • To protect both us and the consumer from credit card fraud, the following information is required to process a transaction:

    • Your name as it appears on the card including any initials

    • Billing address (If shipping address is different, you will need to supply that as well)

    • Telephone number including area code.  This must be the same telephone number that you supplied your credit card company with.

    • Card type (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

    • Account number

    • Expiration date

    • CVV2 number from the signature panel on the back of the card (last three digits)

  • If any of this information is omitted or incorrect, the transaction will be rejected.

Checks:  We accept personal checks in US funds only.  In some cases, the order may be held 7-10 days until the check ‘clears’.  This is mandatory on all amounts over $50.00.  There is a $25.00 charge for all returned checks.  No exceptions.  We follow through with collection and possible prosecution on unpaid checks.  While writing bad checks locally may get you charged with “deceptive practices”, sending a bad check through the US Mail is “Mail Fraud” and is a Federal Offense.

Reserving items:  We accept advance orders on most items and reservations on certain items. 

  • Most advance orders require a 25% deposit with the balance due 10 days before shipment.

  • Most items that are reserved also require an advance deposit of 25% with the balance due 10 days before shipment

  • Custom grown items require 25% deposit with balance due 10 days before shipment.

  • Exceptions: 

    • Bittersweet advance orders and reservations under $100.00 do not require a deposit

    • Custom grown Bittersweet orders under 500 un-sexed plants do not require a deposit

    • Custom grown Bittersweet sexed plant orders under $100.00 do not require a deposit

    • Custom orders for quantities of gift and/or craft items require 100% advance payment.

    • Bulk seed orders require payment at time of placing order.

Returns:  As a rule, we do not accept returns on perishable items.  There are exceptions, however.  In any case, credit for returns will NOT be issued for ANY items returned without prior authorization and an RMA number. Returns MUST be properly packaged.

Damage in Transit:   Occasionally, a shipment may be damaged in transit.  We do our best in the shipping department to avoid in-transit damage.  However, once a package leaves our dock, we have no control and it becomes the responsibility of the carrier.  

  • On items sent UPS, contact them at once to file a claim.  Call 1-800-PICK UPS.  Retain ALL packing materials, including the label.  UPS may want to pick up or insect the parcel.  Failure to do this will result in a denied claim.  Do NOT return a damaged shipment without prior authorization or the claim will be denied.  Do not refuse the shipment.  UPS damage claims, while rare, are very easy if the above is followed.

  • Items sent common carrier (truck):  Inspect shipment while the driver is present!  Note damage on freight receipt and file claim with that carrier.

  • USPS:  Please contact us at once.  If you desire- File a claim with your local Postmaster, though it may do no good.  Perishables are NOT insurable with the USPS.